Who is Mark Soderwall?

From Starwars game creation to TEDTalk speaking – Mark maintains a singular focus and heart’s cry – to see game creators step into development success through technique understanding, knowing who they truly are and starting right where they’re at!

Mark represents the industry success story by creating & directing games at the AAA level for over 20+ years. However, after years of the thankless grind, the tired annual franchise developments, and massive team lay-offs – Mark decided to take control of his legacy by jumping straight into the creative and entrepreneurial world of Independent game development!

Right out of the gate, Mark dove deep applying his years of industry experience  into a world that encouraged his unique voice, creativity and independence! Having rocketed skyward for years in development – Mark wants you to feel that rush, fulfillment and success NOW with your own game developments and dreams!

“It’s difficult to hear and see so many fresh creatives and developers with passion, ambition and drive continually hitting the proverbial wall – spiraling them into cycles of frustration, discouragement or even quitting!”

It’s in this conviction Mark has focused his motivation, experience and mentor-ship to help those creatives who are ready to take back their creative resolve to accomplish as never before!

If you’re tired of getting stuck or sick of the constant ‘stops & starts’ – we’ll help you break the cycle! Indie Game U looks to empower designers, artists, coders and audio creatives that are serious about their future success – those who are ready to level up and become successful indie developers!