Indie Game Development And 3 Things No One Talks About…

    (image by google… I laughed so hard at this picture!) Before we jump right in, I just want to take a quick moment with you if you’re new to Indie Game Development (beginning stages of your first game)…. if you’re not new, skip down!... read more

Let’s Address This: The Fear Of Starting…

  Time To START Pursuing That Dream! What’s REALLY holding you back? In this TEDx talk, I had the honor to talk all about the importance of STARTING.  That’s right STARTING! There is so much fear wrapped around this concept because, I believe,... read more

IGU Indie Dev Interview #1: Shadow Verse Streamer, Jay Arrington

To kick off this new interview series we reached out to a fellow follower from our Instagram, Jay Arrington (@jayarrington). During his indie dev journey, he ended up finding his true passion and heart’s fulfillment in a different realm of the gaming industry — Twitch streaming! And he has been growing his audience ever since.

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