How It Works?

Once you become a member we immediately email you a confirmation that has your USER name and LINK to jump right into the site. The password you created while purchasing will already be filled in for you! ALL our courses & lessons are streamed online and available to you instantly! Every course has a downloadable PDF workbook that has been personally crafted by Mark! Each book is chalk full of lesson re-enforcement and deep insights as well as ‘behind closed doors’ techniques, tools and methods! Insights that only AAA developers and successful Indies consistently use throughout every stage of their productions (no matter what genre, style, game engine or platform)! Imagine learning the techniques that has consistently given Mark and other successful developers a killer edge – allowing them to always start confidently and finish successfully! That being said, we’ve structured IndieGameU to be very accessible, convenient and on-demand 24/7. So, if you where hoping for a sterile classroom environment or impersonal YouTube tutorials – you’ve definitely come to the wrong place! Mark is about seeing you accomplished in life and in development – armed with real purpose and excited to move into your dreams and game creations! He’s crafted one of the only true game development mentor-ship programs online and we’re excited to have you join us – not only in our studios but sometimes in our home loft and even living room!  Now, can you remember the last time a successful game developer sat down with you for hours and poured into your life, developments and competitive future? If you’re like most, you’d probably have to travel far to attend a convention or conference to get an opportunity like that – only to walk around in crowded halls or wait in long lines just to get a hand shake or maybe ask a question. That is not what we call mentorship and it’s definitely not sustainable or affordable! Now imagine – no flights to pay for, no hotels to book, no days to take off and no time away from family. You will literally get to go into Mark’s studio and learn from him on your own time and at your own pace! No long lines or neck lanyards required! Just step in and grab a soft seat – we’re already here waiting for you.

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