I have been getting lots of help from Mark inside IndieGameU since day 1. I have learned so much – things I was never able to receive in my formal GAD schooling or even in work! What Mark instructs are from life experiences. Only Mark – who has been working in the game industry can tell me what problems I shall confront and give me the solutions (such as working as a team effectively and generating game ideas creatively) so I can avoid hitting walls time and time again – which I always end up with frustration or continually giving up or starting over, never finishing anything! I finally did make my very first indie game through Mark’s mentorship and his helpful resources and networks. Now I have so much more confidence which is leading me into real success. I’m so glad for having this chance to learn from Mark and continuing to get support from him in my life’s pursuits!

Ezalb Poon

Student, Un-named Game Art & Design College

There is such a HUGE need for Mark’s type of mentorship and methodology empowerment in the industry!  Game companies don’t care what school you’ve attended or the 1000’s of dollars you’ve spent or your degree.  It’s what can you do, your level of skills, and how can you contribute to making great games.  This is exactly what Mark has done with Indie Game U.  Mark is a veteran game professional not a typical academic baby-sitter teaching game art & design out of books. I’ve hired people with degrees & still their skills were wholly inadequate. Mark builds & mentors individuals to achieve greatness in design, development & entrepreneurial-ism! Mark is an amazing Art and Creative Director, teaching you keys to get ideas developed and delivered!  His professional knowledge makes him the perfect person to get you unstuck or out from obscurity and into true game development reality!

Mark Bradshaw

Founder, Trilight Studios

Thanks Mark! Definitely loved your class, you were one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve had! Learning about video game development in college & even playing games had become a bit stagnant for me. However, listening to you speak and the techniques you taught has definitely moved me to start my own indie company! Time to kick-ass!

Omar Field-Rahman

Student, Un-named Game Art & Design College

My experience with Mark has been life-changing. My company and I had a rocky start from the beginning, given that none of us had any experience whatsoever in game development. Along came Mark with IndieGameU – with his wisdom, patience and diligence. He opened up a world of wonders and challenges. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but if it wasn’t for him and his direction, I think we would’ve been lost. What I like the most about the video sessions is how heart-to-heart they are. This isn’t a fancy 40-something minute discourse on coding or modeling but rather a fellow developer connecting with other developers about what he has learned throughout his career–and boy is it a lot. Mark is clever, funny and patient. He proves to be an asset to multiple disciplines. If you’re on the fence (understandably so, as a developer we have to be careful how we spend our resources), just know that this is one of those investments I will never regret no matter the outcome of my projects. Because I might fail multiple times but with Mark’s teachings, methods and amazing motivation, I keep achieving my goals! Thanks Mark!

Corvo Rubio

Co-Founder, MAD Games

Mark is one of the most motivating and inspiring individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, with some of the most impressive titles on his resume. However his greatest talent is his enthusiasm and energy that he brings to the gaming industry. He is truly the best reminder as to why we as developers work tirelessly at our craft, because we love what we do. Let Mark show you how! 

Bill Buckley

Senior Animator, Infinity Ward

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