Why IndieGameU for You?

We feel this FEATURES area is a GREAT introduction to help you better appreciate what motivates us to lock arms with you on your journey towards game development and life success! If there’s one thing Mark loves to ask creatives – YOU, is the WHY?

We’ve taken the liberty to present you some of Mark’s WHY questions here. Our hope is that it’ll give you a peek into our heart’s purpose in helping you succeed! Equipping YOU with insights to the right kinds of questions – getting you to that killer goal of STARTING strategically and FINISHING successfully!

Why Be Mentored

Being mentored is the greatest way to glean and grow from another’s success, wisdom and experience rapidly. You’ll be gifted with deeper insights,  accountability and encouragement – rocketing you beyond a typical Indie – You’ll accomplish & achieve more consistent success having us in your corner!


 Are you ready to level-up?

Why finding your true-self is so important

Do you truly know WHY you do what you do? As an Indie & creative, you pour your entire self into your craft & development – but why? Once you discover who you are & why you ‘do what you do’ – you’ll be instantly upgraded to a killer resolve!  You’ll come alive with such a defined purpose and focus that only a small percentage of game developers realize! 


Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Why network with experts

When you talk and discuss with experts, you’re gifted with personal examples from successful individuals that started exactly where you are but learned how to beat the odds! IndieGameU brings you those experts that want nothing more than to have their ceiling become your floor! 


Do you want to know the experts secrets to your success?

Why learn techniques not taught in schools or tutorials

If you’ve started down the path of game creation, then you can appreciate how there is SO much more to game development than just Design, Art, Code and Audio. Academia, tutorials and hobby YouTubers may provide you hints of awareness in how to build many of these ‘elements’ but Mark will show you the crucial & necessary techniques in how you put it all together –  with where you are and with what you have – NOW! It’s time to get over the fear, frustration and financial hardship of continually stopping & starting your dream. Let Mark show you what ‘puppy-mill’ game design schools and tutorial hobbiest don’t teach in order to get you back into the fast lane towards a successful START and killer FINISH!


Would you like to know these techniques?

Why complete your game

I want you to feel the rush & reward of fulfilling your dream of game completion like I have! Not just once but many – many times over! Actually finishing your development (big or small) will empower you with a level of joy, knowledge and experience that many only wish they had in their lifetime! You deserve to feel that and the world deserves to know who you are!


Are you ready to finish & repeat your success?

Why is your workflow always interrupted

It’s because you don’t have a plan that works with where you are NOW in your life. Lack of time, resources or knowledge aren’t deficits but merely distractions! Believe it or not, you have everything you need to walk into your dream and start DOING! Are you ready to have your mind-blown with how easy it is to do this? I can’t wait to show you!


Are you ready to bring your dream into reality?

What is waiting for you inside is awesome

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Connect with others

Indie doesn’t have to mean alone! Get excited to join in group conversations with other creatives & devs just like you! Knowing someone is a chat a way is extremely comforting, advantageous & motivating – especially in times of difficulty!

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