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 “Your Game: Big Idea To Beta” is the place where success and game development meet! Includes everything you need to know on WHERE to START, HOW to MAP out your GAME PRODUCTION, and SUSTAIN the MOTIVATION all the way to BETA testing your game! 




One of the biggest struggles of the starting out indie developer today: they’ve got a great idea, but don’t know where or how to start making games! 

You can read all the forums you want and you may have been taught all the skills, but no one REALLY goes in depth and behind the scenes on the necessary steps and mindsets that are crucial to making your own game. As I stepped into the world of indie development, from my humble 20+ years in the AAA industry, I realized when most indies I connected with had lost their way was when they realized their dream was too big for their first game. They didn’t know how to break it down or start from the bottom. Maybe you’ve been feeling this too? I’ve seen it all too often and you’re not alone! But, I’m here to help take the “struggle” out of your indie journey, by giving you the best starting foundation.

Glean from a wealth of real-life experiences and examples, as I give you the tools and resources that will help you either start your game right — or for my fellow developers who lost their way — pick your game back up and propel the momentum of your game creation forward.

Don’t throw away the hopes of your big dream… let’s walk through the necessary steps to take to get there, first!

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You NEED To Take This Course If You:

  • Have your BIG idea and don’t know where to start

  • Are currently making games, but you’re running into more frustration than accomplishment

  • Constantly stop and start your development or you never seem to gain momentum

  • Don’t know where or how to start your game development

  • Lost the original vision of your game during your development and are struggling to get it back

  • Struggle with self motivation and staying on task

  • Not sure how to schedule out your production and/or the QUALITY of your productivity is low

  • You have several “Half-Finished” games and don’t know how to FINISH them

  • Struggle with a sense of purpose and have lost the fire you once had for making games 

  • Are currently making games, but don’t know why you’re making them anymore

  • Want to know what makes great game design and how to implement engaging gameplay techniques

  • Don’t know what kind of timeline and goals to make for yourself

  • Are ready to see growth in your development and are serious about making multiple games in the future!


→ Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses And HOW To Supplement Areas Of Weakness

→ How To Decide What Game Engine Is Best For You, Your Development, & Budget

→ Defining Your Personal Purpose Within Your Game So You Stay Sustained & Fulfilled Through The Development Process

→ Game Dev Hacks Only Learned From Experience Working With Some Of The World’s Top Gaming Studios

→ How To Put Your Idea Beyond Paper And Onto A Screen

→ What Features Are Necessary For Your Game And What Might Hinder Your Production

→ How To Scale Your Project To Meet Your Deadline Goals

→ Identify Your Game’s Core Features & Designs So You Stay On Point Every Step Of The Way

→ Learn What Separates The Wannabe Developers And The Do’ers, Like You!

→  Industry Tried And Proven Tips And Advice

→ Learn How To Hone In Your Abilities & Resources So That Your Production Goes As Smooth As Possible

→ Beginner Steps Into Strategies & Tools For Building A Business Around Your Game/Studio

→ Step By Step Walk Through On How To Create An Optimal Production Schedule For Goal Crushing

→ Learn Whether Lone OR Team Development Is Right For You

→ How To Get Your Game To Prototype ASAP

→ How To Keep Yourself Motivated Through Every Step Of Your Development


Thanks Mark! Definitely loved your class, you were one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve had! Learning about video game development in college & even playing games had become a bit stagnant for me. However, listening to you speak and the techniques you taught has definitely moved me to start my own indie company! Time to kick-ass!

Omar Field-Rahman


My experience with Mark has been life-changing. My company and I had a rocky start from the beginning, given that none of us had any experience whatsoever in game development. Along came Mark with IndieGameU – with his wisdom, patience and diligence. He opened up a world of wonders and challenges. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but if it wasn’t for him and his direction, I think we would’ve been lost. What I like the most about the video sessions is how heart-to-heart they are. This isn’t a fancy 40-something minute discourse on coding or modeling but rather a fellow developer connecting with other developers about what he has learned throughout his career–and boy is it a lot. Mark is clever, funny and patient. If you’re on the fence (understandably so, as a developer we have to be careful how we spend our resources), just know that this is one of those investments I will never regret no matter the outcome of my projects. I might fail multiple times, but with Mark’s teachings, methods and amazing motivation, I keep achieving my goals! Thanks Mark!

Corvo Rubio

Co-Founder, MAD Games


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