“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

Knowing who you are and what you bring competitively to the industry is the first “revelation” in the process towards your success in (indie) game development!

While it’s a great study to mimic influencers, leaders and thought-provoking individuals in the industry, understand that no one can create, think and problem solve like you! As well, while there may be more “successful” designers, artists or engineers out there, know that skill sets alone don’t truly define a person or bring that unique “X” factor to the table.

 How those traits and experiences are “applied”, including how they bring others around, is the TRUE DEFINITION of  your unique qualities, problem solving abilities and interpersonal skill sets you have that others may not…a.k.a – Your “X” Factor. 

In a world where so many are allowing others (or their environment) to define them, knowing who you are and where you’re going, plus, what qualities (creative or technical) you have, are very important for your story and branding!

How are you different? What motivates you? Why do you do what you do? What separates you from the legions of other qualified creators? Take a second and really let these questions sit….Tough questions I know, but they are absolutely necessary to answer, as you WILL be asked about them whether from an investor or hiring committee! People not only want to hire the most competent, but they also want to hire the most confident as well!

Here are a few more “X” factor defining questions to ponder on, especially if you’re looking to make your way into game development as an employee:  How do you problem solve? How do you integrate or involve others in your process? Do you play well with others? Great, how? Can you think on your feet or are you a processor? What is your greatest strength and what do you “feel” is your greatest weakness? That’s a tough one which may require some thought and a humble answer!

So bottom line, know who you are. And if you’ve read through this and are still boggled by this way of thinking, go through those questions above, again! Write them down and record your answers. I guarantee you that answering some of these questions will unlock the very answer you’ve been searching for within yourself or your development.

One last thought… appreciate that you are unique. You have an “X” factor that makes you truly interesting, even if you’re trying to create work that looks, feels or performs just as good or better then the influencers out there. Don’t be apologetic because you may do things a bit differently or unorthodox. The industry is actively searching for the unique, original and fresh, so finding out what that is, in YOURSELF, and bringing that to the industry with shoulders back and head held high should be your personal and professional mission!

So, now I want to hear from you! What makes you stand out in your industry? What will turn people’s heads and give your development the “leg up”? What do you have to offer this world? Click our social media links and tell me there! Or DM me on our Instagram page @indiegameu! Looking forward to hearing your responses!

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