There is no word to describe Mark’s Inner Circle Group! It’s just great – always the best! I’m on my second Indie project with the InnerCircle and Mark’s mentor-ship is helping me A LOT, in decision making, in communication, in game design, in every field for my game!


Indie Game Developer, The Puppet Studio

I honestly feel Mark has had a huge impact on my Indie Dev career. Mark’s advice has changed my outlook on how I work, built my confidence, made me realize that releasing a game (FINISHING) is the most important thing and that more features and ideas can come later through updates – rather than trying to pack it all in at once and never releasing!!! Also the biggest thing is, I have so many good and not so good ways of working and sometimes that can leave me over-thinking and feeling like I’m the only one who has these issues. But Mark pretty much said everything I was thinking in an organized way which helped me stay cool, focused and become a better Indie. I can never thank Mark or the Inner Circle community enough for that!


Indie Game Developer, Square Eye Games

I got some great friends from this group who are also SO passionate of the same things as me! Every time Mark make a vBlog , its  mind changing and personally motivating. It always sharpens my knowledge about game making!


Indie Game Developer, Joe House Studio


The only membership Game Group of its kind! Inner Circle is built with ONE goal in mind – Your INDIE maturity and success! Mark Soderwall (25+ year professional industry veteran) along with his Inner Circle’s community have locked arms with each other and want you to be on the Inside! Be mentored and grow in your Indie journey. SMASH through to SUCCESS along every step of your development process! Pro’s and Indie Dev’s (with multiple titles published) are standing in your corner through the long haul of your journey – mentoring, advising and motivating you ONWARD! Inner Circle has disrupted the model of Facebook Game Groups and has ushered in a vertical of pure development value, personal growth and mentorship that doesn’t quit on you! Mark’s Inner Circle is more than energized, it’s organized! Here’s the value you can expect EVERY month from your membership:

  • Monthly Master Class videos personally created by Mark to kick-start each month with professional Indie driven techniques and insights
  • Bi-Monthly feedback and pro-tips towards your submitted screenshots and/or game runtime
  • Monthly LIVE Q & A straight-talk! Get your burning questions answered with steps from Mark and his Pro’s. IC Members have said this is worth the monthly cost alone!
  • Mark’s monthly LIVE Interview with Professionals – Every month Mark invites one of his professional colleague to sit-in and bring techniques, examples and answer your questions towards SUCCESSFUL game development
  • Community of like-minded game creators focused and dedicated to realizing their developments as well as motivating and supporting yours!
  • Pure engagement! Not some flakey, fly-by-night group (shouting over each other)! Real developers, real value, ALL testifying to REAL results!

Let the mentors GROW you throughout your development and let the community engage with you – ALL motivating and supporting each other to see developments all the way through and beyond!

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